Beyond sustainability

Our company is constantly growing and evolving through time and in line with its needs. This is why we pay particular attention to sustainability. And not only the sustainability of our products. We do our utmost every day to encourage sustainable development on social, economic and ecological levels. 

With our principles of sustainability and social responsibility, we encourage our teams on a daily basis to commit themselves at all levels to creating a company that is in harmony with the passing of time and the evolving market. 

By remaining well-informed and at the cutting edge of technology, we do all we can to reduce our ecological footprint with regard to production and transport and even in our buildings. 

We have a dynamic vision and our whole team works together to build a humane, high-quality and sustainable future. 

Please watch this video produced by EFPRA, which backs up our commitment to sustainable ingredients.


Naturally, VEOS Group’s products are made in accordance with the current quality standards for human nutrition.

We have been awarded the ISO 9001, HACCP and GMP certificates.

Our products are entirely traceable. This is why the VEOS Group has its own laboratories to analyse not only the raw materials during production, but also the finished goods themselves. Regular tests are carried out to check the physicochemical and bacteriological parameters as well as the functional properties of our products.



Animal proteins from the best quality to ensure the vitality and health of cats and dogs. We offer a product range that has specific ingredients for all kinds of pets.

Discover our product range. 

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Quality and health in our ingredients for poultry 

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Years of research result in our ingredients for veal. 

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A range of healthy ingredients for pigs.

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For all kinds of fish; find the suitable product here. 

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All the ingredients for a healthy fur. 

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